The nicest little web conference in the West

Digpen is the multi-disciplinary, grassroots web conference with an inclusive, community ethos, and friendly, welcoming vibe. It's run by and for the web community in South West.

"Digpen is an excellent conference, and only being out of the country will keep me away from the next one."

"Striking a balance between a community vibe and a professional show on a low budget is extremely difficult and you did it."

"Being from London, I can only be envious of the lovely people attending Digpen."

Call for Speakers

We like to put a wide range of people on stage, from experienced speakers to first-timers. It's an ideal environment if you haven't done much - or any - public speaking before. We actively promote new voices and perspectives, and can guarantee you a supportive, welcoming atmosphere.

The Venue

We're delighted to return to Robins Conference Centre at the University of Plymouth. As well as a 200 seat main auditorium it also features breakout rooms for multi-track sessions and a large central lobby for relaxing and meeting fellow conference goers.

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Tickets will be on sale soon. Join the mailing list and we'll let you know as soon as they're available.

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Be Excellent to One Another

Digpen is an inclusive, welcoming event. We have never had a problem at any of our events with bad behaviour from speakers or attendees, and will make sure it stays that way. We will take an absolute zero-tolerance attitude to any kind of offensive or abusive behaviour including sexual, racial or other harrassement, from either speakers or audience.

Speaking at Digpen

The deadline for submitting a talk is Monday 28 July.

About Your Talk

Sessions are 25 minutes long

Including time for questions and discussion. They can be either a talk or hands-on workshop.

Short talks and workshops

We usually also have a few 10 minute short talks, and one or two 50 minute workshops. If you'd like one of these shorter or longer slots, put that in the "anything else" box.

We love in-depth, specialist talks on web design and development

The audience includes a wide range of skills and interests, but we run parallel sessions so people can pick and choose what session they attend. Feel free to get really specific about your own specialist area.

Introductory talks/workshops are good too!

Some of the most popular sessions at previous conferences have been "An Introduction to..." talks or workshops. We've had sessions on source control using Git, Django, CSS preprocessors, Node.js, and HTML5 for mobile development.

You can also talk about business, project management or marketing

Talks on project management, the business of web design, and related areas like content strategy, digital marketing, social media and SEO are great provided they are tailored to the practising designer/developer, not a general business audience

Submit as many session ideas as you like

If you are unsure what topic would fit best, we're happy to make that call for you. Or drop us an email to discuss.

You will get

  • Free ticket to digpen 7, Plymouth
  • Free speakers' lunch
  • We will do our best to record your session and make the audio or video available online

Unfortunately our low-cost ticket policy means we can't normally pay travel expenses. If the cost of getting to Plymouth will be a serious barrier to you being able to speak let us know in the comments and we will be in touch to discuss options.

Speaker Guidelines

Ego-free zone

Digpen has a strict "no egos" policy. Expect an engaged, friendly audience of your peers. They'll be well informed and up-to-date on what's happening in the field - although they may have a different specialism to you. Constructive questions and group discussion are encouraged.

No selling

If you want to promote your company or service to digpen-ers email us about sponsorship. Early digpen's included pitch slots, but our audience have told us they don't like being sold to from the stage. Case studies are fine, provided they are about teaching others to do what you've done, not how great you are.

Legal bits

By submitting a talk, you agree that we can use your name, photo, bio and talk description in event publicity and promotion. We may also record, video or photograph you speaking on the day. You grant us whatever rights we may need to record, broadcast and distribute any such photographs or recordings free of any restrictions or royalties, anywhere in the world.

If you're not sure what angle to take, just ask

We're happy to work with you to refine your talk and get the tone and content right for the Digpen audience. Either submit a draft outine, drop us an informal email or get in touch with Andy Robinson (@andycayenne) or Sophie Dennis (@sophiedennis) through Twitter.

Deadline: Monday 28 July


Get in touch if you would be interested in sponsoring Digpen 7.

Tickets on sale soon

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